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Rieko Fujitaka

Musician, Biwa Player.

Active now as a Biwa player who can play both traditional music and modernistic compositions.

Besides carrying out solo-live in small venue and the school performances, she participates in many performances as a member of "Pro Musica Nipponia" which is a group consists of top-rank musicians of traditional Japanese musical instruments.
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In 2010: 
Participated in the tour through Russia and Mongolia as a member of the "Pro Musica Nipponia".
In 2011:
Participated in international music festival held in Uzbekistan named "SHARQ TARONALARI", as a member of Internatinal Jury.
In 2012:
participated in "Nippon Connection" (Japanese Film Festival held in Frankfurt, Germany) as a musician of the silent movie.
In 2017:
Participated Film Festivals held in China(Beijing, Xi'an) as a musician of silent movies.
In 2018:
Participated Plucked string instrument Festival held on "Zhejiang Conservatory of Music" in China.
Participated Film Festival held in Hainan as a musician of silent movies.